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Be daring, be different, study German!

Honors German 3 builds upon the skills learned in Honors German II. This course includes advanced vocabulary, parts of speech, grammar, pronunciation, and Germanic culture. It also focuses more on reading and listening comprehension, conversation, idioms, and advanced word order. Various media types will be used to assist instruction. High School students who study German III learn more in-depth advanced constructs of the language and begin to equip themselves for AP and college study. Additionally, it will prepare students for standardized German tests for college credit or placement. Students, who are later in college or in the work place, may also combine the study of the German language with study of business, law, trade, science, engineering, technology, ministry, tourism, politics, or music to provide excellent career opportunities for themselves. After successful completion of German III, students are eligible for national recognition, programs of study in Germany, and the
HUDS Honors German IV course.

This course is tuition-free.
For the Curriculum Map, weekly agenda, and textbook list, please click the buttons to the right:
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2016-2017 HUDS Academy Calendar
  • Classes Begin: Tuesday August 9
  • Fall Break: October 11
  • Thanksgiving Break: November 22 & 29
  • Christmas Break: December 20 & 27
  • Spring Break: March 14
  • Last Day of Classes: May 9
2017-2018 HUDS Academy Calendar
  • Classes Begin: Tuesday August 8
  • Fall Break: October 10
  • Thanksgiving Break: November 21 & 28
  • Christmas Break: December 19 & 26
  • Spring Break: March 13
  • Last Day of Classes: May 8
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